In a society that covets newness, fast cars and increasingly faster and broader communications, I'm trying to create monuments to forgotten places and the quieter subjects present in daily life.  My work is more expressionistic collage than photographic evidence, digitally draped in complex textures, tones and colors. A metamorphosis occurs to the images. The finished creations reveling my core emotional reactions to my subject matter. In a way, my work is like a photographic reduction sauce, with distractions boiled away and necessary ingredients added until all that remains is the purest representation of the image I saw in my mind.
I had a long successful career as a leading commercial advertising photographer in Seattle that has transitioned to my current iteration as a fine art photographer.  My work has received numerous prestigious awards and has enthusiastic collectors far and wide.  Should you wish to purchase a print of my work, just click the "Shop Art" icon in the page header to visit my artwork storefront. Thank you so much for your interest in my work.
Doug Landreth